Episode – Choose Your Story Where you create your own fate

Many authors and writers write their stories following a creative streak. They may want to consider all readers, but it is rarely possible to do this. We may agree that a storyline is great. However, we may desire to change the complete ending of a book or a series. We see the point at which our interests and the author’s change and this makes us give scathing reviews. The truth is, everyone, cannot get their way. However, episode choose your story comes in to remedy this. It creates an opportunity where you can create your narrative by placing you at the heart of it all. Episode choose your story grants one a chance to live in their fantasy world.

It caters to your romantic side by inviting you to go on thrilling adventures and a quest to find love. In some episodes, your character gets to hang out with celebrities.
They have been changing the interactive online platform since the game’s creation in 2014. Millions of users have downloaded the game, and it has several billion views in episodes. We can credit the game for stories such as:
• Demi Lovato: Path to Fame
• Pretty Little Liars
• Clueless
• Pitch Perfect: In Deep Treble
• Mean Girls: Senior Year
• Man Girls: Sorority Rush and many more.
Due to the nature of the stories, the game has an age limit of 13 years.
One big drawback with the game is you need a lot of episodes on gems if you are going to have a fantastic experience. These gems permit your character to take part in many activities, jump hurdles and even complete an episode successfully. Without these gems, your character will lose out on joining in all the exciting pursuits.
You can rely on online sources for you to acquire unlimited free episode passes. Happy Creating!