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Important Saw Blades Information

The main part of a saw is the cutting disc or Saw Blades. Its proper use depends on the work being in perfect condition and the shortest possible time. Also, its useful life will depend on whether you use the appropriate cutting disc for the material you want to cut.


The most used types of cutting discs are:
Abrasive discs: They are made of different materials:
• Stone discs: They are of multiple-use and are very versatile, they can be used in all kinds of situations. They are usually very short-lived.
• Metal discs: They were designed primarily to cut metals.
• Multipurpose discs: They are for cutting any type of material. They save a lot of time by not having to constantly change the disk.
Sheet discs: different plates are joined, overlapping through an axis. They generate a satisfactory dig in polished and sanded.
Widia blades: They are the best for cutting wood, they are made of steel and are of very high capacity.
Diamond discs: They are manufactured to perform work that requires special force and precision. The diamond is embedded in the outer edge of the disc (at its tips) and withstands high temperatures and a lot of speed. They are the most sought after on the market.
The choice of the Saw Blades or cutting disc will depend on the type of work, the type of material to work and the budget that you have to obtain it. Unfortunately, there are suppliers of this type of pieces, who take on the task of defrauding their customers by offering products that do not meet the required quality standards.
For example, an Australian company like Combined Saw & Knife (CSK) offers a wide variety of Saw Blades from highly reputable manufacturers such as Stark. Go to their website and look at the photographic catalogue of all the cutting discs available in their inventories.
They also offer the service of sharpening of tips that will extend the useful life of your cutting disc. Visit the Combined Saw & Knife (CSK) website to learn more about saw blades.

March 28, 2020