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The domestic violence and its solution

Many people refer to domestic violence as the physical abuse only, this is actually not true. Physical abuse is severe domestic violence. Experts define domestic violence as any behavior that is aimed at gaining power and control over the spouse or other family members. Only the physical abuse is not termed as domestic violence, the mental torture also comes under the same category.

Types of domestic violence
The visible physical injuries are one type of abuse having devastating effects on the victim. The long-term destruction of personhood by mental torturing and fear of physical abuse accompanied by other abuse types cannot be ignored.

Abuse of any type is not bearable rather it is punishable. In case you find someone under any kind of abuse it is advised to immediately consult Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale.

Here are the types of abuse which shows alarming situation:

• Controlling behavior over the spouse or the boyfriend or girlfriend
• Physical abuse includes hitting, biting, beating, punching etc.
• Sexual abuse includes forcing someone for intercourse without their will, this involves both verbal and physical abuse
• Isolation is another kind to control the behavior of victim
• Verbal abuse including threats and blame
• Male privilege of his dominance over the female and other family members

Who is the victim of abuse?

Usually the weak individuals become the victim of domestic violence and abuse including men, women and children. This abusive behavior is found in all people of all ethnicities including gender, age, immigration status, religion or beliefs and social backgrounds. Anyone can be victim of those so-called powerful people who want to control others by verbal abuse or by force.

The abuser and violators can be held accountable once reported. According to law the person who is involved in domestic abuse can be arrested immediately on the spot without arrest warrant.